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薔薇棘鞭刃 [entries|friends|calendar]
Minamino Shuuichi

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(Fuuka enbu jin!)

Isolation. [03 Jul 2006|09:39pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Yuusuke, Hiei, and specially KoEnma. I will be leaving the city in an hour, heading away for the safety of everyone.

I will choose a deserted area to meditate and focus in possible solutions for the curse. Sincerely, I do not know for how long I will be away, but since my human family is gone until the end of July, there will be no problem. Dedicate the time only for spiritual insight and meditation.

There are no news regarding Botan... the damage is grievous. She is dead, beyond a wraith-like existence. I wished none of this had happened. If I had been stronger... if I had defeated Karasu.

I will take the laptop with me so as to keep in contact with everyone.

And hope KoEnma can manipulate the situation allowing Botan to revive. The only way to grant peace to my spirit. As well as banishing Karasu's wretched soul.

(Fuuka enbu jin!)

[22 Jun 2006|11:59pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Just when I thought the damage had been less it is proved...grievously erroneous.

I could never ask you to forgive me.

[private]It is a determination, I am retiring myself to the forest, away from everything. And if I do not return, it is because I died in the attempt.[/private]

(2 Rose petals | Fuuka enbu jin!)

(...) [20 Jun 2006|07:48pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

[private]I found myself at the summit of mount Hiei, and ironically in his company. I could not understand how that had become my location, but it was certain Youko had been involved with it. I cursed my fate, the hex that was so helplessly cast upon me.

Hiei was worried, I could easily tell, his voice, his demeanor. But we lacked of time to discuss it. Botan had been poisoned with a venom, impious product of weeds Youko summoned. They had targeted Yukina-san... and if they had infected her... I wonder if I would still be alive. Not that it matters. [/private]

We returned to the temple as fast as possible, KoEnma granted us a portal so as to arrive in time, but it was too late. Even if I administered the antidote ... the toxin had already consumed her life.

Botan passed away.

But a spiritual form materialized at our side, always in her chipper attitude, as if she did not mind.
[private]I refused to swallow the burden, it gripped my heart, with shame, with guilt. Only similar to that feeling so long ago when Kuronue sacrificed himself... [/private]

I left the temple afterwards, just to return home and greet my mother. Always delighted to welcome me, and I struggled to return her the joyous expression. She kissed my brow and told me they were going to Goza Shirahama Beach for the summer, she was so enthusiastic. And that I could join them whenever I was ready, basically because they are departing tomorrow.
Now that I will be alone, I will isolate myself ...far away. Perhaps to a shrine in the woods. I must find the cure for this curse. Allow myself time for spiritual insight.

[private]Besides... I am too dangerous. [/private]

(Fuuka enbu jin!)

The last clue. [16 Jun 2006|09:32pm]
[ mood | predatory ]

It was amusing while it lasted and you must have found yourself very lucky to travel around Japan.

Unlike before, I am not planning to give you a hint. Since you have written the way to it throughout the journey to you.

(Fuuka enbu jin!)

...Youthful folly. [10 Jun 2006|09:38pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Imiko, you keep asking me to raise the level of our game, yet your friend is dying. That stygian maiden will not live for long, and you are well aware I could play with you forever.

However, I cannot expect a wise attitude from someone like you. Shuuichi feels pity for someone like you.

The trail, less far from the firmament.

(Fuuka enbu jin!)

The holiest mountain in Japan [08 Jun 2006|05:44pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Officially open in July and August.

(Fuuka enbu jin!)

[07 Jun 2006|01:45am]
[ mood | calm ]

Once more, you have managed to arrive, imiko. But this time was not so facile.

I wonder for how long the spirit maiden will endure. I calculate thirdteen more days if fortune blesses her.

The native Ainu word for "a place for viewing" spells the name, contemplate the view of the city, the scenery of a luminous bay and Mt. Daisetsuzan.

I look forwards hearing of the tournament once more. As a violent entertainment.

(Fuuka enbu jin!)

Weldone.. [31 May 2006|11:49pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I am pleased with the development of this so far. You have fulfilled the introduction to this ludicrous activity.

A beautiful sight, indeed. You should thank me for presenting you a place like this one. Enjoy the carpet of flowers that extends down the mounts.

My next invitation, leads to an old ningen ritual, seven hundred years old. Blazing fires and water, in the paradoxical harmony of ukai.

Every night from May 11th to October 15th with exceptions being the absences following a heavy rainfall, or, on the night of the harvest moon.

A silent watcher crowned in nobility. There, I await.

(Fuuka enbu jin!)

Let us begin. [30 May 2006|10:03am]
[ mood | amused ]

You are lucky I will only shuttle within the Ningenkai. Yes, I am giving you that advantage.
Even.. only within Japan. An evident yield, certainly.

For a youkai like you this will be only a game.

Out of the varied notorious cities, one I recall. Creative in the art of flames locked within paper, without consuming it. A peak rises with 532m ..

Another feature plays in your favour, dear Imiko. You have all the time the spirit maiden grants you. I am so benevolent that I do not even predetermine a limit. I allow your beloved friends to do so. As long as she remains 'alive', evetually.

(1 Rose petal | Fuuka enbu jin!)

Imiko.. Imiko [25 May 2006|09:02pm]
[ mood | amused ]

You are attempting to hunt a fox? A very daring and tedious quest, so bold, even for you.

It is evident you plan to use the Jagan to find, but it will be futile. I have assured to shelter all trails of my youki with a mirroring herb. Everywhere you see, it will return your own reflection. The same crass face your tribe despised. Oh .. forgive my accidental lack of discretion.

Since you are still a child, how about a game?..

(Fuuka enbu jin!)

Shame on me [24 May 2006|03:40am]
[ mood | devious ]

Just recalled some days ago, it was celebrated that ningen holiday called 'Mother's Day'.

The folly of an old spirit..

I hope Shiori-san enjoyed her day. I will ask Botan

Oh ... right, she is ill. My fortune has abandoned me today.. seems.

(Fuuka enbu jin!)

Later on [12 May 2006|05:22pm]
[ mood | calm ]

After talking to Yuusuke and with some organizational aid of Botan, we managed to set a gathering this night at the temple of Genkai. They will be preparing dinner.

I look forward hearing about the fight of Yuusuke, as well as encountering the others again, without a nefarius fear.

I should bath and depart afterwards.

Though.. each time I .. see the cruel scar .. it incurs a deep feeling of fury.

(7 Rose petals | Fuuka enbu jin!)

Good luck [27 Apr 2006|09:46am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

I have, once more, secluded myself from the rest. Though, through observation, I am not the only one who has isolated from the rest. Everyone seems to be there, yet invisible to the group that used to exist.

After an extended life like the one I have had, it is evident nothing lasts forever. ..I would not like to acknowledge our friendship is in a critical moment, sincerely, I ignore why or how has this happened.

However, I accept the blame for my own actions, ..since I rather do not visit them as often as I did. Basically, after the fight between Majari and Hiei, I see myself as a latent menace. With youki as powerful as the one of Yuusuke, it is even hazardous.

I would love to behold the fight between Yuusuke and Jin, though, I will remain far away from the stadium during the event.

Yuusuke, I certainly.. would love to be present. Yet it can incur my Youko, which is something I cannot permit.

Good luck, you will enjoy the fight.

I know it.

(Fuuka enbu jin!)

With Hiei [16 Apr 2006|03:04am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Today I met with Hiei in the outskirts of the stadium. There were no youkai in the distance (certainly repelled after sensing our youki), granting us a peaceful time to talk in what could be called 'privacy'.

He was trying to be cautious, I realized how he thought and chose each one of his words. Hiei did retell to me some of his dreams, which I acknowledge them with a significant nature due to the Jagan. Somehow.. he foresaw my demise, when the past melds with the present to an extent of suffocating it.

I have always respected the power of the Jagan.. and hence.. I gave up in my facade and told Hiei everything happened. He was startled to hear I am cursed, even if he did his best to shelter it. I explained him how I felt and the ominous sensation that slithers through my body each time a powerful ki or youki is unleashed close to me.

So my determination is simple, I will remain away from the arena and the fights until it is my own encounter. Though, whenever my opponent spreads their ki upon the ring, I will not be able to parry myself from the effects. Perhaps it would be wiser to leave the tournament.

I do not want harm anyone else, I refuse to bear more.

And so far.. I cannot .. figure a way to break the hex. Though, I am glad to have a friend like Hiei.

(5 Rose petals | Fuuka enbu jin!)

...How [08 Apr 2006|03:23am]
[ mood | worried ]

I can hardly believe what has happened.

Juri-san.. I do not blame your scorn.

I was beholding the fight between Hiei and Majari, up to the moment when it became deeply tense. Majari had emulated the Ensatsu Kokuryuuha and, precisely both attacked each other with the same force, I recall sensing the incredible youki from both dragons. Once more, the same feeling of lustful urge gripped my very self. It was encroaching, I could not .. find a way to allay it.

I hasted to abandon the grades, into the murky corridors of the stadium. The youkai panicked, many of them perished consumed by the energy of the infernal flames, and the hysteria of the fight sheltered me. It was a heinous sensation creeping through me, chilled my skin acidly, even my hands reflectively wrapped around my body, quivering. I found myself panting and my fingers seemed to dig into my own flesh with curved nails. I instantly recognized those hands, the claws of a bandit and my vision plummeted into darkness.

I do not know for how long, yet.. it seems this lasted several days. I .. hardly dare to ask the others what they saw, I am too ashamed. But this journal is useful to acknowledge (in the vague yet basic lines) what has happened.

I apologize for everything Juri-san. ..If Koto is still victim of malady, I offer my aid. The plant was summoned by me, hence the cure will be summoned by me as well. Though.. I do not expect you to forgive me.

(Fuuka enbu jin!)

So dainty, so bloody [31 Mar 2006|08:24pm]
[ mood | predatory ]

Tonight I will be fighting, and the simple idea is so delicious. Whoever my opponent is, wearing a mask or not, I will amuse myself with him as I have not done in centuries.

It is a life surge.. I thank Majari.. I thank the Imigo, together, their energy unleashed by the dual Ensatsu Kokuryuuha ..

Youko Kurama has returned, they cry.

(2 Rose petals | Fuuka enbu jin!)

Yesterday.. and tonight [30 Mar 2006|11:42am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

As planned, yesterday we gathered at the Temple of Genkai for the .. friendly meeting. It was certain none of us had had seen each other in a long time (with a few exceptions however..), but that is no excuse for the general atmosphere of the reunion. We are friends.. we behave as such, yet I could not prevent myself from noticing how distant we were from each other. It seemed as if we were a group of individuals that happened to be at the same place and at the same moment, lacking of all link between us. We spoke.. but it was a disturbing apathy that hovered amidst us. It was disturbing.. compared to what we were.. used to be. I recall the Ankoku Bujutsukai, when we gathered in the apartment lobby to play cards and palaver, it was so different, and now I feel so awkward.

I attempted to establish a natural conversation with Yuusuke. Inquire where had he been, a more detailed explanation, but he avoided the topic, it was evident. It called my attention he had been in the territory of Mukuro, but he said nothing. I ignore why.. but he only told us he 'had been training in Makai' nothing more.

Juri and Suzuki were there as well, they seemed to keep distance from each other, as if she was um.. 'perplexed' by the Utsukushii Matouka. That was perhaps the most .. comic of all the night. But Juri-san received a phone call and departed soon after arriving. Hiei, also sensing the gathering was going nowhere, abandoned it in silence, he trode away with Yukina. And progressively everyone left. I was the last to depart, I had a genuine interest in .. seeing them even if I did not express it directly.

I mostly omitted to speak of the curse and Karasu, I will do it afterwards.. since the cardinal matter of the gathering had been to re-encounter with Yuusuke.

I feel.. it was a failure

Yukina had tediously polished the floors and prepared exquisite tea, it looks as if she had worked very hard, and I thanked her for it before leaving.

I have never felt so foreign between my own friends.

Juri-san has already announced the first fight. Hiei versus Majari.. I wonder which will be the outcome of this fight. According to what Kuwabara told us before, and the data I recollected from his entries, Majari-san has the skill to emulate the power of his opponents. This will be the first time Hiei will be fighting someone who is imbued in such a skill, it will be like fighting his own self. But the fierceness and the feral battle instinct is something Majari cannot mirror, though I still have my own doubts about the extent of the skill Majari possesses.

I am intrigued .. yet so .. uncomfortable and negatively anxious.

(6 Rose petals | Fuuka enbu jin!)

Proposition [27 Mar 2006|03:21pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Nothing awkward has happened since last Saturday. It is certain I have been isolated at home and the garden, and eventually some nocturnal roams.

Now that Yuusuke has re-appeared, I believe it is high time for a gathering. I am interested in seeing everyone else, and eventually in hearing what has Yuusuke been doing. According to Juri-san, he was seen in Makai. It intrigues me.

My proposal is simple, Would you fancy gathering (if Genkai-san and Yukina-san agree) at the temple of Genkai on Wednesday night?

I am certain everyone is enticed to meet Yuusuke again.

(Fuuka enbu jin!)

Foreign Feeling [26 Mar 2006|04:06am]
[ mood | confused ]

Tonight I met Hiei as planned. I asked him to use the Jagan eye in an attempt to unravel any effect of the curse, which, according to Karasu has already been activated.

When I arrived to the clair in the forest my mind wandered upon the probable effects of the curse. But I trusted the power of the Jagan would be able to find a clear answer. Yet, before Hiei actually used that power I felt strange with his sole presence. I started feeling uneasy, rarely uncomfortable to see him standing before me, as if I needed something. A deep urge, but I assumed I was merely worried for the threats of Karasu and the curse.

I closed my eyes and awaited, Hiei easily unwrapped the Jagan eye, but when the surge of youki began to slither through him, this hideous sensation intensified grappling my very self as if a dagger peeled off my innards acidly. I clutched my face sheltering it, that expression so unnatural upon my features. Hiei found nothing unusual, but I know he released I was quivering in pain. Not much was said afterwards.

I will probably meet him tomorrow or later. It was .. so awkward, such foreign sensation of yearning pain. I must accept I am deeply disturbed by this.

Tonight I tried sleeping early, taking the same dose of tea than yesterday.. but it was futile. I am still wide awake and shivering. Perhaps I am falling ill, I believe not, but it is always an option, though I can easily cure myself if that was the case.
I now plan duplicating the dosage, I cannot sleep three hours per night, I refuse to turn it into a habit.

(2 Rose petals | Fuuka enbu jin!)

Visit to the temple [25 Mar 2006|12:36am]
[ mood | worried ]

This afternoon I went to visit the temple of Genkai. In the beginning I was merely planning to clear my mind, enjoy sometime with the others. Notice them.. I was alive.

Yukina warmly welcomed me with a cup of her sweetest tea. Botan was also there and we palavered for a while. She inquired me vividly, I replied in a gentle attempt to shelter .. the truth. I told her, eventually. But Botan in her worried concern demanded more and I granted her a deeper explanation.

Hiei was present, as I expected. He was not pleased with what he heard, and he was worried. But I did not remark it, knowing how it uneases him.

It was a gratifying meeting, I am pleased with it.

Certainly, no one knows the effect of the hex.. or if there is a way to disenchant it. I was wounded by the dagger.. and that is something.. I cannot remove, even if the injury heals, the slash has already been done. Regardless that, Botan was relieved when I explained her.

Majari mentioned the dagger was cursed and it was a relic from the Meikai. Little is known from that realm.. and Karasu was cautious in his doing, since he is well aware I was a thief in the Makai, hence.. all notable artifacts from that realm are known by me, or had belonged to me.

While the water boils to prepare another cup of this special tea a far concentrated one this time I rathered write this, somehow keeping myself busy instead of focusing in the curse. It seems I have returned to my own nocturnal habit of awareness..and I hate to admit it.

What .. will happen to me?

I .. have an idea. I will consult Hiei tomorrow, I am certain he will agree.

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